Charmsukh (Impotent) – Review & Cast

Charmsukh (Impotent) is a Bold-Drama Web Series. Ajay is an impotent, and to save his public image, he comes up with a master plan. He marries Rashmi, a blind girl. Ajay plans to take advantage of her blindness and send someone else to Rashmi’s place in her place on the first night of the wedding. But, is Ajay really a master planner or is someone else playing the real game? Watch “Charmsukh Impotent” only on ULLU App.

Charmsukh (Impotent)

The series stars Amika Shail (Rashmi), Nitin Kumar Ludhawani (Ajay), Allauddin Nabi Shaikh (Saharsh) and Rohit R. Pardeshi (Kartik) in the lead roles. Watch Charmsukh (Charamsukh) web series only and only on ULLU App.


Charmsukh (Impotent) – Details

GenreBold, Drama, Web Series
Release Date11 February 2022
DirectorNanditaa V. Kothari
Distributed ByULLU

Charmsukh (Impotent) – (Cast & Crew)

Cast (Actors & Actresses)Role
Amika ShailRashmi
Nitin Kumar LudhawaniAjay
Allauddin Nabi ShaikhSaharsh
Rohit R. PardeshiKartik

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